Reduced Grant Writing Fees

What follows is an open letter to nonprofit executives facing a host of problems related to the impact of the Corona virus. Funding is tight and quickly dwindling. Grant opportunities, where and when they exist, are much needed. While I cannot offer my grant writing services at no cost, I can offer reduced grant writing fees.

photo of Jean Campbell,reduced grant writer fees

Dear Executive Director,

If your organization needs help with grant writing while dealing with the impact of the Corona virus, please consider My Grant Writer “On Call” services. For the next six months, I will reduce grant writing fees to nonprofit organizations.

Please go to Grant Writer “On Call” to review my grant writing services and the Corona virus Reduced Grant Writing Fees option for nonprofit organizations.

Grant Writer “On Call” is meant to compliment and assist nonprofit organizations. It is not meant to replace existing staff. It is a service that can fill in or be an extra source of grant writing assistance in difficult times such as these.

During the past 37 years I raised over 100 million dollars through grant writing. I spent 20 years in nonprofit management as a development director and as an executive director.

Since 2003, I continue to assist nonprofit organizations through my NYC Certified Woman Business Enterprise, Campbell Development Group, LLC,(CDG).  CDG is a digital and print media company offering a number of fund development and communications services.

My grant writing is a ghostwriting service. As such, each grant I write for an organization is protected by a confidentiality agreement, and becomes the property of the organization.

If you have questions about my grant writing services or fees, please call me at 646-269-5818. You can also reach me by email,

Wishing you and your organization the best,

Jean Campbell,  CEO, Campbell Development Group, LLC